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European Furniture Design Chicago

european furniture design chicago

    furniture design
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european furniture design chicago - 500 Tables:

500 Tables: Inspiring Interpretations of Function and Style (500 Series)

500 Tables: Inspiring Interpretations of Function and Style (500 Series)

These 500 tables are more than just practical places to set a coffee cup or notepad; they’re inspired works of art. Esteemed juror Andrew Glasgow has selected a wide array of styles and forms, from pieces that showcase masterful woodwork to ones that feature alternative materials and aesthetic sensibilities. The striking examples include Gord Peteran?s end table fashioned from swirling red electrical wire, Boris Bally?s small square transit table made of recycled aluminum traffic signs, and Stephen Whittlesey's "Eddy," which uses driftwood, salvaged oak, and chestnut. More than 300 artists are featured, and every work offers readers stunning craftsmanship, constant surprise, and beauty.

88% (16)

Work Cabinet

Work Cabinet

c. 1900
England, Bedford
Designed by Mackay Hugh Basillie Scott (1865 - 1945)
Made by John P. White, Pyghtle Works (act. 1900 - 1910)
Mahobany, holly, pewter, bone, ebony, and mother-of-pearl, wrought iron and glass handles
Item number: 1998.516



c. 1800
Germany, Berlin
After a design by Friedrich Gilly (1772 - 1800)
Burl maple, fir or pine, gilt and patinated bronze, and marble
Item number: 2003.49

european furniture design chicago

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